Another pillar involving Benyamin Reich’s work as the artist is his or her interest in photographic still lifes. Having fun with the desire by his teen decides to become a plumber of Jewish ritual objects he/she uses his innate personality and adapts the idea into the medium of photography. Regarding his photographic camera, he attempts in order to go beyond the dead objects’ silence and to enliven these individuals so Judaica still life from Israel.

World religions ~ plus Judaism very conspicuously most notable – are recognized by way of an attachment in order to sacramental objects, relics, plus ay ornaments. In his / her series ‘Judaica’ the specialist investigates this intertwined tiers of which means ritualized materials create in the mind regarding an adherent of a specific for, in this event mainly Judaism. Reich found out that not just the meaning of the sacral has an impact on the customer but many even more bodily and psychological feelings are also resolved. Fantastic, sexual, social together with strict concerns and groups communicate and coalesce straight into some sort of single, sometimes tensed field of meaning.

A paradigmatic example of this is usually Benyamin Reich’s picture ‘Challa’. The original Shabbat bread signifies this heavenly benedizione having which: according to the Torah – Lord nourished the Legislation individuals in the desert intended for forty consecutive many years. And thus typically the Divine reputation inside its 100 % pure Edenic type (as it grows on the holy seventh time of the week) finds expression. But there is usually another side to this particular: Bread, in contrast to fruits of the sapling, signifies typically the fall of men together with his or her dependence on their particular own hands’ working the particular ground. Therefore the classic Guidelines Kiddush ceremony is only accomplished when the particular bread is associated with wine beverage, the product of new fruit. According to time-honored Guidelines (not especially gender-aware) methods bread further represents humanity’s mother Eve (Bereshit Rabbah 17. 8) while well as sexuality (Rashi to Genesis 39. 6). When other religious heritage is taken into bill, e. g. Christianity, the field widens even additional to include the actual death of Jesus and the conquest of passing away. This multilayeredness of this individual loaf of bread is definitely given popularity by simply Benyamin Reich’s artsy rendering connected with it in his function ‘Challa’ with their various elements and details which elevate the idea to a new hight. Equally, they continue with his additional still lifes, widening typically the viewer’s écart to acquire multiple facets of each object into account together with to reflect the religion’s search for holiness like some sort of whole. Some of the fresh fruits of the artist’s undertaking are presented here.

Judaica Still Life

In often the Judaica Still Existence set, My partner and I employ words used from typically the Western Christian tradition in the Vanitas in addition to Nature Decesso paintings. I create, by simply closeness, closeness with a symbol, sacred items of my childhood. My artistic therapy of such objects runs on two levels: about the one hand, it defamiliarizes the photographed items, through isolating them coming from their setting and coming from the symbolic strict actions associated with them. The way they are treated, through lighting and spatial manipulation, takes away the emblematic, spiritual cost enveloping them, and spins them into sculptural materials.

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